Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ron Paul: Obama Backed By Neocons

The recently picked up on one of Ron Paul's editorials where he makes the following point:
Some may notice that the neo-conservatives who masterminded the policy of global interventions are not complaining about the level of military and foreign spending. This is because rather than drawing down our costly interventions, Obama is largely staying the course on these issues. In fact, this week a group of leading neoconservatives met to discuss how best to support the President on foreign policy! I am disappointed and concerned that, in spite of a change in leadership, we will remain the policeman of the world, placing ourselves at grave danger in many ways.
And of course we know the result of such a foreign policy. If not, you can see it here.


Chris said...

Well lookie here, we agree. However, big factories need to be regulated.

Chris said...

Whoops, wrong thread.

Josh said...

Which thread was this meant for?

Chris said...

The Churh bakery sale one.