Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Continues to Disappoint Part 3

President Obama continues to disappoint on individual liberties. In regard to the warrantless wiretapping suit he supports throwing out to protect state secrets, Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs had the following interaction with
During his presidential campaign, then-Sen. Barack Obama criticized the Bush Administration for its use of “state secrets” as a legal argument to prevent lawsuits from moving forward. His campaign website listed state secrets under the headline “Problems.”

“The Bush administration has ignored public disclosure and has invoked a legal tool known as the ‘state secrets’ privilege more than any other previous administration to get cases thrown out of court,” his campaign site said.

Raw Story questioned Gibbs about the apparent contradiction.

“Before he was elected, the President said that the Bush administration had abused the state secrets privilege,” this reporter asked. “Has he changed his mind?”

“No,” Gibbs replied. “I mean, obviously, we're dealing with some suits, and the President will -- and the Justice Department will make determinations based on protecting our national security.”

“So he still thinks that the Bush administration abused the state secrets privilege?” Raw Story asked.

“Yes,” Gibbs said.
While such an obvious and idiotic contradiction would have been played to death by the media had it been used by the Bush administration, my bet is that not a word of it gets mentioned by NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or FOX. Also, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show hasn't said a word about the entire situation, and anyone that watches the Daily Show knows that he would have played it to death had it been George Bush and Dana Perino (Bush's Press Secretary during the last few years) taking such a blatant hypocritical action and making such idiotic statements.


Chris said...

That's because they don't want idiotic philosophies like Ron Paul's, IDIOTIC PHILOSOPHIES THAT LENDED POLITICAL CURRENCY TO BUSH BY BEING PART OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, to further erode American prestige and economy stability. They too, like Bush, are scared of the radicals, and are willing to give up a small amount of liberty to stop it, BUT NOT at the expense of economic liberty for a large portion of the population.

Josh said...

Americans, in large portion, do not have economic liberty.

Right. You bend to the state, always.

Thanks again for proving this point.

Chris said...

What are you talking about? I didn't bend to the state.

Again, a system that does not create economic liberty is IMMORAL.

Josh said...

"Again, a system that does not create economic liberty is IMMORAL."

Economic liberty is violated by the income tax.

And yes, you bended to Obama's explanation for being a hypocrite and an asshole. You nod in agreement when he defends one bad policy promoted by him and argues against the same bad policy promoted by someone else.

Its blatant hypocrisy and your support of it demonstrates you have no opinion of your own as it changes with the wind the government blows.