Friday, April 10, 2009

Over Regulation

Citizens in Pennsylvania can no longer bake pies at home and sell them at bake sales, unless the kitchen has been inspected by the state Department of Agriculture. That's right, you have to have the State Government inspect your kitchen before you can sell baked goods to your neighbor.

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The following excerpt makes it obvious who benefits from the regulations:
They hadn't. The Rochester Township church was informed that the pies couldn't be served because they didn't come from an inspected kitchen, according to the state's food code.

Since then, sales of homemade baked goods donated by parishioners have ceased while the church is instead selling store-bought pies, cakes and doughnuts.
The irony behind extreme regulations like this is hilarious because the portion of the political spectrum that supports them is typically the same portion of the political spectrum that is anti-corporate, anti-WalMart and of course the corporations benefit because they're the only ones that can afford the testing to pass the regulations. Small businesses and individuals get hurt because they cannot.

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