Friday, May 22, 2009

Rodney MacDonald = Deutsch Bag

Nova Scotia is currently having a provincial election, if you didn't know, and the currently presiding Progressive Conservatives are facing a big boot out the door.

So in a lame attempt to gain votes from, I don't know, old people? Rodney MacDonald yesterday said that if he was elected, he would institute a province wide curfew for teenagers 16 and younger.

If our police found kids out after 1 am, the parents would be fined $100.

I used to think Rodney MacDonald was an O-K guy, but during this election, every time he opens his mouth he does himself harm. This is a shame only because it will lead to the election of blow-hard Darrell Dexter who is either a big liar or is going to bankrupt our province during his first term. He's probably both.

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