Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Politics Backwards In Nova Scotia

First, yesterday there was a move by the NDP, previously mentioned, that seemed to be directly anti-labor.

Now, today, upon opening the Chronicle Herald I see this text:
NDP, Liberals would scrap roadside lobster permits
Nova Scotian lobsterman have been having a hard time selling their catches to distributors in the US at a price they can live on. Because of this, a lot of lobstermen have opted to sell their catches on the side of the road where they can get a higher price. The fake-Conservatives are apparently not a big fan of this, as they have passed legislation forcing these lobstermen to purchase permits (permission) from the provincial government.

How odd is it that the Liberals and NDP come out in favor of eliminating this permit? I would have thought their natural response would be to regulate and tax it. . .weird.

As well, Stephen McNeil, the leader of the Liberals, has advertisements running promoting a tax cut from 5% down to 1% for small businesses.

The Liberals are behaving incredibly classical lately.

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