Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pastor Pulled From Car and Tasered

"Note well that the tasers were out before Anderson had time to put up any violent resistance. This provides an example of yet another crime routinely committed by police nation-wide: The use of the Taser as a "pain compliance" instrument (that is, an implement of electro-shock torture), rather than a less-lethal alternative to a firearm. The pitiful screams of the unresisting Baptist pastor attest to the Taser's barbarous effectiveness in that role.

It's interesting and appropriate that the last part of the video is set to the strains of the Christian hymn Be Still My Soul, which takes its melody from Finlandia, composed by the heroic Jan Sibelius. At once patriotic and proudly subversive, the Finlandia Hymn was a protest against the political repression of the Finns by the Russian Empire.

We've clearly reached the point at which any authentic American patriot is going to be treated as a subversive by the armed enforcers of Washington's empire."

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Christopher said...

Sorry, sovereignty and individual rights end at the border. Those patrol guards were well within the constitution.

At least with the other video there was 100 miles, Josh. In this one he was just asking for it.

Josh said...

Its the same check point.