Monday, March 29, 2010

Lew Rockwell on the Suicide Bombers in Moscow

We are hearing much about the bombings in the Moscow subways, where suicide bombers murdered dozens of people. These are called “Islamic terrorists,” but while the people of Chechnya are Muslim, that is not the source of their response. They want their freedom from colonial domination. Russia conquered this people in the 18th century. They have been oppressed by tsars and commissars. Stalin murdered them by the trainload, ethnically cleansing them because the communists could not control them. The Chechens want self-determination, and that is their right. It was not, of course, called terrorism when the post-communist Russians destroyed the entire capital of Grozny, and murdered many thousands of civilians, with non-suicide bombers. The Chechens are wrong to respond in a governmental fashion. But Russians have been wrong for more than two centuries to occupy and murder these people, who have never accepted the foreign slave collar. Stop the governmental and private terrorism. Russia out of Chechnya!

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