Thursday, January 28, 2010

Despite Rejecting Government Help, Ford Pulls In $2.7 Billion In Profit Last Year

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DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford, the only U.S. automaker to avoid bankruptcy court, clawed its way to a $2.7 billion profit in 2009 and expects to stay in the black in 2010. It was the automaker's first annual profit in four years.

Ford's full-year revenue of $118.3 billion fell nearly 20 percent from 2008, but the Dearborn-based automaker benefited from cost-cutting, a $696 million profit in its credit arm and popular cars and trucks like the Ford Fusion midsize sedan and Ford Escape small SUV. It gained market share in North and South America and Europe, despite the worst U.S. sales climate in 30 years.


Christopher Furlong: said...

I guess shipping primary and secondary jobs overseas to China and slashing wages at home is a profitable business indeed! Josh, you must be proud to be part of the dismantling of the greatest civilization ever! Yay!

Furlong said...

You don't think GM is doing the same thing?