Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Natural Resource Minister Lisa Raitt

Lisa Raitt has made big news in Canada recently. First there was the issue of leaving confidential documents behind after an interview with CTV, now there's a tape of her saying some not-so-nice things, and on top of that there are allegations of her spending tens of thousands of dollars on lunches and dinners while CEO of Toronto Port Authority (which was bleeding red ink at the time). This last scandal also involves Transport Minister John Baird, who allegedly added two members to the port authority to ensure enough members would vote against an audit, which did occur.

The biggest disgrace of this whole fiasco is Lisa Raitt's attitude on the misplaced tape recording. To describe an issue that involves cancer and radioactive leaks as "sexy" is a disgrace. Its a damning example of the perception our political class truly has toward public matters. These people only care about how they can take advantage of our problems to better their own image. Lisa Raitt should not only resign as the Natural Resource Minister, she needs to resign from public service altogether.

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