Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Federal Trade Commission To Regulate ME

As per the Washington Post article, FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments, if you make claims about anything, and the government doesn't feel that you can appropriately back up your claims, according to their own standards of course, you could be sued by the justice department:
Existing FTC rules already ban deceptive and unfair business practices. The proposed guidelines aim to clarify the law and for the first time specifically include bloggers, defined loosely as anyone writing a personal journal online.

. . .If the guidelines are approved, bloggers would have to back up claims and disclose if they’re being compensated - the FTC doesn’t currently plan to specify how. The FTC could order violators to stop and pay restitution to customers, and it could ask the Justice Department to sue for civil penalties.
LOL. Idiots protecting idiots from other idiots. Taxpayer cash hard at work!

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