Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talking Politics With IT Admin In New York, NY

IT Guy: Where are you located?

Me: Halifax, Nova Scotia

IT Guy: Oh ya, you don't sound like you're from outside the country. Probably better you're not in the US.

Me: Yea, things are a mess down there.

IT Guy: No kidding.

Me: So what do you think the problem is?

IT Guy: Its the government, and the shadow governments that control it, WallStreet and the Fed.

Me: Yea, sounds about right. So who were you routing for in the last election?

IT Guy: Neither of them. If I could have voted for him I would have voted for Ron Paul. He's been fighting this stuff for years.


Christopher said...

IT people = politically inept.

Josh said...

Yet, its the politcally inept majority for which you turn to for the legitimacy of the policies you support.

Christopher said...

Libetard IT people? I don't think so.

Josh said...

No, I meant mainstream western society (the politically inept majority).

If this libetard IT guy is politically ignorant (which he probably isn't if he knows who Ron Paul is; he's probably more current on politics than the majority of people that voted for Obama) he's part of minority.

Christopher said...

I highly doubt that. The Obama supporters, discluding the core, are from a part of the body politic that used to be very active. They didn't call it the Red Tide for no reason, Josh.. It just that the tide is low right now..

Josh said...

"are from a part of the body politic that used to be very active."

Their previous generation maybe; but we're talking about NOW, and NOW they're not. They go through their work day waiting to get home and watch the latest episode of their favorite TV show or vote for their favorite singer on American Idol. The only political awareness they have is the glimpses they see that make them think Obama good, republican bad, without any real substantive critical thinking. For someone to like Ron Paul you have to know who he is, and to know who he is you have to be paying attention.