Friday, October 9, 2009

Michael Moore: Babbling Idiot When Challenged


Chris said...

Good speech.

Can you pin-point the point where he becomes a "babbling idiot"?

Josh said...

The point at which he ignores the question and decides not answer it instead goes on a babbling speech about how we all need to hold hands to save the world. The man doesn't know what he's talking about; he knows something is wrong and he's simply reacting to it without a comprehensive knowledge of the situation, the terms he's using, or what he's saying.

He's almost as bad as the tea-baggers. (I say almost, because at least he's not a religious fanatic, unless you consider idiocy a religion).

Gee, I wonder if he gave his employees an ownership stake in his movie? The answer is no. Hypocrite.

Christopher said...

Sorry, which question does he ignore? I think he answered it in a soft way, because he knows who he is dealing with: A "The Government"head.

"Gee, I wonder if he gave his employees an ownership stake in his movie? The answer is no. Hypocrite."

Again, he is a social democrat, so he is pro-capitalism as long as people are taken care of and paid well, and you don't know his intentions. From what I see, he is genuinely supportive of the goals of his movies.

Christopher said...

I'm waiting.

Josh said...

"Is the problem not capitalism but corporatism and that we give our government to much power through which the corporations go to government to use?"

He acknowledged that corporatism is the problem but did not address whether the government has too much power which corporations can use and abuse.

"What do you mean by that? (that the economy should include democratic principles)"

Babble...babble...left-wing talking point...babble...babble...restrict profit motive...babble...babble...reforming corporatism doesn't help poor people....babble...babble...force democracy in the work place....I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU SHOULD INCLUDE DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES INTO THE ECONOMY..babble...UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!....I can't answer your question so I'm going to ask you, senior at GW, what is the answer? Idiot.

Then Moore goes on to admit that his faith in government, the core of all of his beliefs and his perspective, is simply represented by faith, the little bit of faith left inside of him that he's hanging on to; it is not based on reason or rationale.

Then he goes on and says "what the fuck"; gets applause while showing the emotional ignorance of a tea-partier: so pissed off he's incapable of using reason or rationale, just spouting emotial reactionary comments to the current state of affairs.

Then he goes on to describe how great paying for university was and how easy it was to afford it at a time which there wasn't as much government interference and subsidization of high education.

He acknowledges the debt driven society> if he had any intelligence he'd see the chain all the way back to the Fed. He just bitches and doesn't point out the problem and therefore he's not able to provide a solution. "THEY ARE PUTTING A NOOSE AROUND YOUR NECK"..THEY? who are THEY!?

And then he finishes off with the most used left-wing talking about: in europe its a utopia and we should be more like them.

He fails to answer any question he was asked.