Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grayson on Afghanistan


Christopher said...

The United States is not a nation either. It is just a bunch of societies thrown together. The Easterners, the Californianers, Southern Staters, and the Mid-Westerners.

Christopher said...

Canada is not a nation. It is merely the part of America that the British were able to hold on to and throw together. The French Canadian, Eastern Canadian, Western Canadian, and Ontarian societies never get along..

Josh said...

Get along well enough to support our federal government. There are cracks, but Quebecors (for the most part) refer to themselves as Canadians, as do Albertans and Nova Scotians.

Most Afghanis only associate themselves with their local tribe and their central government doesn't have much control outside of the capital. Its only a country because we say so.