Friday, September 25, 2009

Updated: Marines Kidnap Protestor: Fake or Real?

Update: Apparently they were state patrol officers dressed in military garb.


Christopher said...

Hey, it's okay! They are lame and they might actually topple the regime. Teabagheads are friends of the G20!

Josh said...

Yep, the smallest, most loosely organized, idiotic G20 protest ever in the history of all G20 protests is going to topple the regime.

And in what way the teabaggers are friends of the G20 I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure the majority of teabaggers threaten all that is sane in this world, they have a nationalistic strain which would be very anti G20, and they think tend to think their own representative at the G20 is a Nazi....ummm ya, these people are best friends with the G20.