Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dumbing Down of America


Chris said...

Yes, I think there has been a dumbing down: The Australian School of Economics.

I wonder, Josh, did you experience these things in school? I sure didn't...

Furlong said...

Its been a long time since we've been in school especially elementary and junior high school..

What is the Australian School of Economics and when was it taught in any public school?

Chris said...


I'm pretty sure that this video is a gross over exaggeration that can be dismissed as such. It is right retardo propaganda. The problem with modern eduction is threefold:

1. Confucianism (Korean children go to school 10 hours a day, six days a week during high school)
2. Freedom (Our children are taught that freedom is the greatest value, and hence they act, in school, like freedom is the highest value)
3. Underfunding (The best minds go to the corporations in capitalism. Since teachers are grossly underpaid, very few of the best and brightest enter the teaching profession. This is simple economics)