Thursday, June 24, 2010

LOL @ French Workers

I read an article today about French workers striking because the government is going to raise the retirement age to 60. Here's the link.

The strongest economy in Europe right now is Germany, with a retirement age of 65, rising to 66 this year. The weakest economy in Europe is Greece, with a retirement age of 55.

Greece is being forced to put forward significant cut-backs to balance their budget, while traveling around the world hat in hand begging for money. One of the countries they are forced to beg from is Germany.

If I was a French worker, I would be looking around right now and asking myself, would I prefer to live in Germany, or Greece?

Their actions strongly suggest they would like France to turn into another Greece, though any logical analysis would suggest they'd be better mimicking the Germans.

These people are absolutely loony.

With the collapse of Greece; the soon collapse of Spain and Portugal; and a French neighbor with an ignorant populace unwilling to face necessary changes; you would think at some point the Germans would be asking themselves, why are we part of this pathetic union?

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