Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Absurdity Of The Epic Beard Man


These are neither political nor economical videos. Just something I discovered this morning that I have found very interesting. A man who has been given the title "Epic Beard Man" gets in a fight with a younger black individual on the bus in Oakland, California. Epic Beard Man doesn't have it all quite together, but in the first 24 hours after this video was uploaded onto YouTube on Feb. 16th, it received 1 million views and in the past several days has spawned various remakes and multiple meme's (Epic Beard Man, Amber Lamps, Bring M&Ms, Thomas Bruso). You can find an indepth analysis of this phenomenon at

I don't really have much commentary on what happened in this video beside my instinctual human interest in watching two individuals fight. Is it civilized? No. But its provokes interest the same way a car crash does.

Again, the video is gruesome and has a lot of strong language:

Here's an interview with Epic Beard Man after the fact; the man is obviously not quite all there:

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