Friday, March 20, 2009


I regularly check out xkcd. It's a web comic and it's funny most of the time. I especially liked this one:


Chris said...

Wow, this site thinks people are stupid enough not to know the difference between a billion and a million.


Josh said...

The outrage over the AIG bonuses prove Americans are too stupid to know the difference between a million, a billion, and a trillion.

They're just big numbers to them.

Christopher said...

I'm sorry, how does it prove it? People are not outraged over the numbers, but over the fact that the same people who caused the mess are getting bonuses. When the common worker's company doesn't do well, he or she doesn't get their bonus for the year. That's how it works, and that is why people are pissed off. NOT because of "numbers".

Josh said...

Right, so if AIG never received the billions in bailout cash, I bet the stock holders would be clearing out the board of directors over these bonuses if they thought it was necessary. If they don't think its necessary, well guess what, its none of my businesses. These people negotiated contracts with their employers and if AIG didn't live up to their end of the contract the employees would be in the right to sue them.